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Audio sharing

-Record audio and share it in a wide variety of ways (free)
One application: Students record L2 speaking and share the audio with their teacher

-Create unlimited audio for a blog or site, or use text-to-speech (free)
One application: Students create audio for an L2 blog or class website

-Leave a voicemail on a site, Facebook, etc. (free)
One application: Students leave an L2 audio message on a class website

-Record your voice and send or embed the recording (free)
One application: Students record L2 learner speech and send it for teacher evaluation

Cloud conversation

-Comment on slideshows made up of images, docs, and videos through voice or text (pricing varies)
One application: Teachers create a slideshow for class, and students leave L2 voice comments on it

Podcast creation

-Easily publish and share podcasts (basic version is free)
One application: Students share and get feedback on an L2 podcast after creating one

-Create or browse a variety of podcasts or minicasts (basic version is free)
One application: Students practice L2 speaking by creating podcasts

Screen recording and sharing

-Edit, share, and collaborate on sophisticated screenshots and screencasts (free trial)
One application: Teachers guide learners through an L2 task using a sophisticated screencast

-Capture screenshots and 5-min long screencasts (free)
One application: Students create L2 screencasts to share a useful tool
-Instantly share screens among a large group of people (basic version is free)
One application: Students instantly share and discuss L2 resources with other students

-Instantly share screens online with one click (free)
One application: Teachers easily share screen activities in the L2 over the internet

-Create and share screencasts with audio (free)
One application: Students practice L2 speaking by describing sites relevant to class

-Create, annotate, and customize screenshots and screencasts (free trial)
One application: Teachers create an L2 screencast and personalize it for the class

Speaking avatars

-Upload pictures, select their mouths, and make them talk (free)
One application: Teachers upload images of people or animals and add L2 speech to them for class sites

-Create speaking avatars based on uploaded photos (free trial)
One application: Students upload photographs and make them speak in an L2 for a project

-Create avatars and make them speak using your input (free)
One application: Students record L2 speech or type messages for avatars to speak for practice

Tandem language learning

-Set up speaking exchanges, get tutoring, etc., through a network of language learners (free)
One application: Students search for L2 speakers (often natives) with similar interests to mutually learn

-Look for language exchanges, penpals, etc., within this large community (basic version is free)
One application: Students locate L2 speaking partners and connect with tools such as Skype

Video creation

-Quickly integrate images and audio into a video (basic version is free)
One application: Students create videos with L2 discussions about images

-Create videos with animation, characters, and effects (free)
One application: Students create videos around a L2 subject and make personalized voice-overs

-Create movies in three steps (free trial)
One application: Teachers assign movies for students to create individually or collaboratively

-Collaboratively edit online videos (basic version is free)
One application: Students collectively work on editing L2 videos

Video emailing

-Record and then e-mail videos online (free)
One application: Teachers request L2 videos from students for assessment of speaking

-Record and then e-mail videos online (free trial)
One application: Students record L2 videos and send them to other students or their teacher

Virtual worlds

Second Life
-Create avatars to interact with others in a virtual world (free)
One application: Students create avatars, describe places, and find L2 speakers for practice

Voice chat

Google+ Hangouts
-Hold video chats between up to 10 people (free)
One application: Students improve L2 speech within groups and conduct spoken tasks remotely

-Communicate and interact through video, audio, text chat, and file sharing (basic version is free)
One application: Students or classrooms connect with L2 speakers around the world

Audio exchange

-Exchange audio and have it pronounced by native speakers in this community (free)
One application: Students hear L2 text read aloud, and get help with problem areas

Audio vocabulary

-View themed visual dictionaries with audio, available for several languages (free)
One application: Students learn vocabulary thematically with pronunciations

Dictation practice

Listen and Write
-Listen to audio or video clips and transcribe them (free)
One application: Students hone L2 listening skills and create more resources for others

-Listen to and transcribe songs in a variety of languages, with three difficulty levels (free)
One application: Students practice L2 music listening skills through videos on this site

Foreign Radio

Foreign Internet Radio and Online News Radio
-Browse and stream internet radio stations (free)
One application: Students browse radio stations in several languages and practice L2 listening


-Convert text into speech; supports multiple languages (basic version is free)
One application: Students practice L2 listening and compare natural speech to TTS software

Video uploading

-Upload videos or choose from among a vast collection of videos (free)
One application: Students watch or share videos in various L2s

Virtual worlds

-Do several activities in a virtual world for children in five languages (free)
One application: Students navigate areas about food, countries, animals, etc. in an L2

Integrated dictionaries

Dictionary Tooltip
-Access online dictionaries directly as pop-ups through this Firefox add-on (free)
One application: Students learn online L2 words within context and review look-up history

-Click words on websites to view immediate definitions, and review word lists (free)
One application: Students build L2 vocabulary while reading online, and compile word lists

Crosswords and wordsearches

Create you own Word Search
-Create advanced word searches, with multiple customization options (free)
One application: Students create advanced word-searches to practice L2 reading and vocabulary

Crossword Maker
-Input words and clues to generate crossword puzzles (free)
One application: Teachers make crossword puzzles around L2 target vocabulary

The Ultimate Word Search Maker
-Create word searches which can be embedded or linked to (free)
One application: Students create word searches to practice L2 reading

E-book and newspaper collectors

-Manage an e-books collection and download newspapers from the web (free)
One application: Students download L2 e-books and newspapers for organized reading

Hypermedia creation

-Use this downloadable program to create hypermedia or glossed words (free)
One application: Teachers make L2 texts easier by glossing words and concepts

Offline web reading

-Save web pages and multimedia for offline viewing (free)
One application: Students save online L2 materials for times without internet access

Online flashcards

-Systematically review flashcards and explore other resources in this interface (basic version is free)
One application: Students learn L2 vocabulary through making or browsing multimedia flashcards

-Create or browse online flashcards, and use a progress analyzer to track learning (free)
One application: Students create or use flashcards to study and refresh L2 vocabulary

Flash Card Flash
-Search for keywords over 25 flashcard sites using Google (free)
One application: Teachers look for existing L2 flashcards all at once across several sites

-Creating or browse online flashcards, play games, run analytics, etc. (free)
One application: Students create flashcards for reviewing L2 vocabulary

RSS feeds collection

Google Reader
-Collect RSS feeds (usually summarized texts) from around the web (free)
One application: Students collect L2 newspaper articles and blog posts to read in one place

Speed reading

-Practice speed reading using sample texts, web pages, or pasted content (free)
One application: Teachers choose texts at appropriate L2 levels to assess reading skills

Vocabulary review software

-Download a tool for Windows for studying vocabulary and tracking progress (free)
One application: Students enter lists of L2 vocabulary into this software for deeper study

-Download a tool for Mac for studying vocabulary and tracking progress (free)
One application: Students add L2 vocabulary into this software for additional study

Animated movie creation

-Make videos with actors and text-to-speech (basic version is free)
One application: Students write in an L2 alongside animation, and create a video of it

Zimmer Twins
-Create movies using select clips of animation and audio (free)
One application: Students create movies while practicing L2 writing

Artistic writing

-Input text online and produce exciting animated output (free)
One application: Students type in an L2 and post the artistic output to a blog

Blogs and journals

-Create student blogs and portfolios (basic version is free)
One application: Students create L2 blogs as a class, which teachers can monitor

-Create private journal entries using multiple tools (basic version is free)
One application: Students create L2 journals for teachers to access and review

Posterous Spaces
-Create and share private or public blogs or spaces (free)
One application: Students create L2 blogs and share them

Chat clients

-Access several chat programs in the same window (free)
One application: Students facilitate L2 chat by combining many chat services into one window

Choose your own adventure story creation

-Create interactive choose-your-own-adventure stories (free)
One application: Students practice different writing structures in an L2, such as cause and effect

Collaborative documents

Google Docs
-Collaboratively create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. (free)
One application: Classrooms work on L2 projects and tasks, with mutual feedback and help

Type With Me
-Write collaboratively and differentiate by different colors (free)
One application: Students collaboratively write L2 stories or answer questions

Collaborative sticky notes

-Create a wall to post sticky notes in real-time (pricing varies)
One application: Students use walls instead of forums for quick discussions about L2 topics or lessons

-Collaborate on a wall with notes, photos, docs, checklists, etc. (free)
One application: Students plan, share, and create L2 content while working in groups

-Set up walls of sticky notes, with videos, links, etc. (free)
One application: Teachers assign topics for student responses as L2 stickies

Comic strip creation

-Create online animated comics using templates (pricing varies)
One application: Students create comics for class and practice target L2 structures

-Create comic strips using photos from (free)
One application: Teachers assemble comics in an L2 using a vast range of pictures

-Create online comics using photos, uploaded drawings, or templates (free)
One application: Students upload photos and write an L2 comic dialogue with them

-Easily design online animated comics using templates (free)
One application: Teachers create motivating or humorous comics for L2 practice

Mind map creation

-Set up collaborative mind maps (limited version is free)
One application: Students work collaboratively to organize currently-studied L2 concepts

-Create mind maps made up of a hierarchy of nodes (basic account is free)
One application: Groups or individuals organize L2 concepts and share mind maps around them

Text 2 Mind Map
-Easily design mind maps by typing tabbed rows of texts (free)
One application: Students quickly organize hierarchical information from their L2 class

Photo annotation

-Edit photos with sophisticated tools like frames, text, effects, etc. (basic version is free)
One application: Students edit photos and use L2 text or speech bubbles to write about them

Story creation

-Upload PDFs and turn them into books that have flipping pages (basic version is free)
One application: Students type L2 stories, convert them into PDFs, and then turn them into books

-Create a story using free artwork, or browsing existing stories (free)
One application: Students create and share L2 stories, and use artwork as a visual idea generator

-Write children's stories and browse or upload images for them (free)
One application: Students practice L2 writing while creating innovative stories

Typing in Foreign Characters

-Type foreign letters in several languages using an online keyboard (free)
One application: Students can type in L2 letters without switching their input language

Website creation

-Use simple tools for website creation and hosting (basic version is free)
One application: Students create a site to show L2 creations or design a portfolio

Wiki creation

-Create collaborative wikis and workspaces (basic version is free)
One application: Teachers assign L2 group projects and tasks that students can construct

-Design advanced online wikis and collaborate (basic version is free)
One application: Students create collaborative L2 group projects, and participate in forums

Feedback from natives

-Receive native feedback on L2 writing, and correct natives' writing (free)
One application: Students receive feedback on novel L2 sentences and learn from correction

Class management

-Facilitate classroom communication, post homework, grades, etc (free)
One application: Teachers create a site to direct L2 classroom efforts

-Use easy online gradebooks, calendars, messaging, etc. (free)
One application: Teachers message students, and track schedule, assignments, and grades

-Manage an online Learning Management System (LMS; free)
One application: Teachers promote hybrid learning through forums, file submission, etc.

-Manage classrooms through a large number of tools (free)
One application: Teachers create classroom sites for grades, link sharing, discussions, etc.

Clipart for teaching

Free ESL Flashcards
-Choose from over two thousand image flashcards for any language (free)
One application: Teachers create flashcards using L2 vocabulary and this site's images

UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library
-Browse images arranged by topic for language teaching (free)
One application: Teachers create L2 flashcards or worksheets based on these pictures

File sharing

-Store and share files online (basic version is free)
One application: Teachers access and share their own or student L2 files anywhere

-Read, share, and publish documents in a vast online library (basic version free)
One application: Teachers post powerpoints; students post L2 writings or read L2 documents

Media sharing

-Share resources on a site similar to Pinterest for educators and students (free)
One application: Teachers post resources and notes about an L2 for students or other teachers

-Produce, personalize, and share multiple types of media (free)
One application: Students find or create useful L2 media and discuss it with classmates

Mobile game design

-Create and play mobile games, tours, quests, etc. (free)
One application: Teachers create a quest that will require students to speak or use an L2

Multimedia posters

-Create education-related online multimedia posters (basic version is free)
One application: Students display multimedia on an L2 topic in one place

Online whiteboard

-Use an online whiteboard enabling free draw, text, audio, images, etc. (basic version is free)
One application: Teachers instruct students outside of class, with student collaboration

Presentation sharing
-Present slides with accompanying audio or video (basic version is free)
One application: Students create content and then create L2 video or audio to present it

-Create and share dynamic presentations on a virtual whiteboard (basic version is free)
One application: Students create L2 powerpoints to practice L2 writing and speaking

-Post L2 presentations and search an existing collection (free)
One application: Teachers post an L2 presentation, or find an existing one

Quiz and activity creation

Hot Potatoes
-Use six types of applications for creating tools such as games and quizzes (free)
One application: Teachers create activities and quizzes for use in an L2 classroom

ProProfs Quiz Maker
-Use templates for easy quiz creation (basic version is free)
One application: Teachers create various quizzes in an L2 for students to take

Quia Web
-Choose from many templates for activities, quizzes, surveys, etc. (free trial)
One application: Teachers create quizzes, games, etc. for use in an L2 classroom

Teacher's Pet
-Download a tool for creating crosswords, word searches, flashcards, etc. (free)
One application: Teachers create multiple worksheets in an L2 for classroom use

Social bookmarking

-Collect and share the web through social networking (free)
One application: Students save and present L2 web pages along with their comments

-Use a personal information management tool for bookmarking online pages (basic version is free)
One application: Teachers save and share online discoveries and annotations

Tutorials about technology

Teacher Training Videos
-View numerous screencasts for learning how to use online teacher tools (free)
One application: Teachers view these screencasts and learn how to use tools for an L2 classroom


Zunal Webquest Maker
-Create webquests, or inquiry-oriented online tools (basic version is free)
One application: Teachers create webquests that explore aspects of an L2 or culture

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